Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Car details

An absolutely unique minibus for up to 16 passengers with generous luggage space. Its automatic transmission combined a powerful engine guarantees safe, smooth and comfortable trips both in the city and over long distances. Black metallic paint, beige leather interior, panoramic tinted windows, automatic air-conditioning, audio system with CD player and microphone, GPS navigation.

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    seats: 16+1

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1 hour- Kc
2 - 4 hours1900 Kc
5 - 9 hodin1700 Kc
10 hours and more1500 Kc
Each km over limit30 Kc

City transfers

Airport transfer2500 Kc
Departure airport transfer4700 Kc
Prague transfer2500 Kc

Czech Rep. transfers

Brno14700 Kc
České Budějovice11200 Kc
Cesky Krumlov12600 Kc
10850 Kc
8400 Kc

Foreign transfers

Dresden11200 Kc
Berlin24500 Kc
Bratislava20000 Kc
31200 Kc
36400 Kc