Mercedes V-class

Car details

Modern and luxurious minivan in the longest possible extra long version that will satisfy even the most demanding. Plenty of space and unique comfort also on very long journeys. Luxury equipment, light leather interior trim, dark windows, power sliding side doors on both sides, audio system with CD, GPS navigation. Possibility to adjust the option 7 + 1 persons.

  • car color:
    seats: 6 + ridic

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1 hour1700 Kc
2 - 4 hours1500 Kc
5 - 9 hodin1400 Kc
10 hours and more1300 Kc
Each km over limit25 Kc

City transfers

Airport transfer1700 Kc
Departure airport transfer3100 Kc
Prague transfer1600 Kc

Czech Rep. transfers

Brno8900 Kc
České Budějovice6700 Kc
Cesky Krumlov7500 Kc
6500 Kc
5100 Kc

Foreign transfers

Dresden6700 Kc
Berlin14300 Kc
Bratislava12900 Kc
18800 Kc
19200 Kc